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Have a look at some of our recent projects:

  • South African Department of Labour

    Survey of public perceptions pertaining to the communications campaigns of the South African Department of Labour in collaboration with Fresh Thinking Capital.. This entailed face-to-face or telephonic interviews with 2247 individuals and 486 business enterprises across the country, and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these campaigns (2014-15).

  • Human Sciences Research Council

    Compilation of reports and policy briefs for the Human Sciences Research Council on topics including science communication; substance abuse; attitudes towards work; socio-economic inequality; and child health (2014-15).

  • Young People in Mombasa

    Survey and analysis of the educational qualifications, practical skills and work experience of young people in Mombasa. A total of 910 interviews were conducted amongst a representative sample of individuals aged from 15 to 35 years on behalf of Adam Smith International, with a view to the promotion of entrepreneurship in the city (2014).

  • Financial capacity of Nigerian adults

    Advice and monitoring of a demographically and geographically representative sample survey of the financial capacity of Nigerian adults. This involved instrument design, fieldworker training and analysis of data collected from 13286 respondents, in collaboration with Marketworx Africa, Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access, and the Central Bank of Nigeria (2013-15).

  • Integrated Development Plan in KZN

    Qualitative research on methods of enhancing the population and development components of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) of a municipality in KwaZulu-Natal. This entailed the facilitation and analysis of discussions amongst local communities, administrators, planners, politicians and business people, on behalf of the UNFPA and COGTA (2014).

  • Beyers Naudé Schools Development Programme

    Evaluation of the Kagiso Trust’s Beyers Naudé Schools Development Programme in the Free State. This entailed collaboration with the Centre for Education Policy Development and others, in collecting data from principals and educators at 166 schools, and analysing the extent to which the programme has enhanced teaching and learning (2014-15).

  • Quality of Education

    Investigation of the quality of education at schools in a district of the Northern Cape in order to determine an appropriate corporate social investment strategy. The study included in-depth interviews, lesson observations, mathematics and language testing, and questionnaire surveys at a sample of primary and secondary schools on behalf of Tshikululu Social Investments (2013-14).

  • Waste Management

    Survey of the extent to which freelance individuals are collecting and recycling plastic, metal, glass, paper and other materials from landfill sites or households across South Africa. This entailed face-to-face interviews and analysis of responses from 825 waste pickers on behalf of Khabokedi Waste Management and the Department of Environmental Affairs, with a view to policy development in this sphere (2013-15).